Demonia Shoes

by Mark

Demonia is a Southern California-based company that manufactures a wide variety of footwear. They have been featured in countless fashion magazines and Hollywood movies. Their shoes are stylish, feminine, and edgy. They offer durable construction and are bold, evocative footwear.

Demonia has created some of the hottest footwear on the market. For example, the “Pleaser” shoe is designed for dancers. It features a high arch, ankle strap, and platform. The shoe also has two buckles. These boots are fashioned from vinyl and feature a white color. You can choose from extended sizes, as well as an array of other styles.

Pleaser also offers a Pink Label line, which is perfect for fetish 52av fantasies. The Pink Label’s footwear collection features titillating ballerinas and dominating spike heels. Designed for larger women’s shoe sizes, these shoes are perfect for a wide range of fetish wear. Some of the most popular styles include the Demonia boot and the Demonia sandal.

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